Monday, November 25, 2013

Deep Freeze

 photo snow1_zps0670a4c1.jpg
Good Morning loves, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was a pretty good mixture of hanging out and homework. I am really looking forward to Christmas and Christmas break, I need some time to relax that's for sure.  And it definitely feels like Christmas with all the snow we've had!
Last week when we entered the deep freeze it not only tested my patience, but my layering skills as well. My love for maxi's has transitioned well into winter, they're the perfect thing when the weather gets really cold, with an added layer of tights. This cozy heart print sweater lends itself perfectly to being worn over dresses and layered under a coat. While winter may be awful, it's a fun time to get creative to keep warm :)
 photo snow3_zpsb8051aed.jpg photo snow5_zps5e1c56dc.jpg photo snow6_zps19e4f2f4.jpg photo snow4_zps3fad12c4.jpg photo snow_zpsce235c74.jpg photo snow7_zps8cc27492.jpg
Outfit: Maxi Dress-Decadence, Sweater-Via Vickie, Jacket-H&M, Necklace-The Bay, Boots-Marc, Ring-Oak and Fort, Ear Cuff-C/O Saraswati designs


  1. I love how well maxis do transition to winter too. That is also a cute heart sweater.

  2. I have to yet to try a maxi in winter but you're inspiring me to take the plunge - you're totally making it work!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. You look absolutely lovely! Love the way you transitioned your maxi skirt into winter wear. I will have to give this a shot as well!!


  4. you look lovely! And look at the snow!! Wow! The weather here in SF hasn't been very fall-ish or wintery. In fact, it's been a bit too dry for us! Hopefully, we can catch up soon...while I don't want it to be too crazy with rain, I don't want it to be abnormal either! hehe

  5. Great layered winter outfit!! Love the sweater and jacket! Stay warm!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. oh wow, you got snow!! love the maxi dress... i don't have a single one, and i'm coveting yours!!


  7. I can't believe how much snow you guys have! But I must admit, it does make a seriously pretty background for photos - at least at this time of year when it's all fresh and still white :) And I love seeing a maxi styled for winter, I never would have thought it would work with the wet ground but there's nothing a good pair of heels can't fix!

    1. I agree, as shitty as it can be, it's super pretty!!
      I love them for winter! Layer some wool tights with them, and you're soooo cozy :)

  8. I really shouldn't be complaining about the cold in a post BEFORE reading blogs like yours from my friends out west...

    I can't believe you still have all of the snow. I guess it's going to stick around?!?!

    xoxo Jackie

  9. Love the heart sweater and two-tone jacket! Deep Freeze is right! Thank goodness it's warmer this week though ; )

  10. How do you make snow look so good? You're my hero ;)


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