Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battle wounds round 2

Here are some photos of my newest battle wounds to add to my collection. I had the staples removed on monday and I feel much better and more mobile now that I no longer have them. Im no longer walking like an 80 year old (more like a 60yr old...) I've had lots of lovely visitors and my family has been great getting things for me if I need them. I went out for dinner last night actually with two of my best female friends who are both moving at the end of the week, one to BC and the other to Calgary both for school. I will miss them a lot, but it was nice to have dinner together one more time! Anyways here are my battle scars, and I look forward to how ridiculous I'm going to look in a bikini now....
Love, JennaD
No more staples!!
When I had my ugly staples

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