Thursday, June 10, 2010

Health Update

Outfit: silk flower corset top- forever XXI, jeans-mavi, blazer-silence & noise (urban outfitters)

These lovely photos are from an outfit shoot I did over a month ago now, so from before my surgery. I tried uploading them MULTIPLE times, but for some reason they wouldn't work....until now :). I havn't done any outfit shoots, or any sort of photo work since my surgery because 1) I havn't been up to it physically 2) my body feels different, Im so used to being active and working out and playing soccer multiple times a week, so healing has been a difficult process 3) the weather is shit, theres only been like 5 nice days in the past 3 weeks!! But soon I promise! There will be pictures!

So it's been just over 3 weeks since my surgery and I must say I feel about 2872498 times better! I can walk for a long time, am able to get dressed (now if only the weather would cooperate), I even drove for the first time since the surgery yesterday. My wrist where they put a catheter in got swollen at the end of last week which was ridiculously painful! But thankfully it's feeling a lot better now. OH and I'm sleeping in my own bedroom again! It is delightful, I missed it soo much. I thought I would have been doing more blogging during these past weeks because of all the free time I had, but honestly I didn't feel like doing much of anything. It's been rough, all I've wanted to do is feel better and be healthy and be able to go to work and work out again.

I am getting really worried about my cash situation, I need $5000 still for school. All the money I saved to go to New York for my 21st birthday in august is now going towards paying for school and I feel defeated. I was really really looking forward to that trip, and now I dont get any sort of vacation this year. It's already midjune and I havn't done much of anything, which sucks. BUT I am getting healthy and feeling good which is the number 1 thing on my list to focus on! My scar is healing quite beautifully as well, which makes me happy!!

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  1. I love your top!
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