Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh, My Heart

 photo neon4_zps835a52d9.jpg
My obsession with anatomical hearts began shortly after I was diagnosed with a coarctation of the aorta in '09. I guess it wasn't so much a diagnosis as much as a realization on the part of my doctors, since it's something I was born with. 15 months of attempting to fix it and in June 2011 I finally had open heart surgery and got the ol' ticket fixed.
Now I can't help but be drawn to anything to do with hearts now; it's something that will be super important to me forever. So when I saw this phone case my first thought was "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine" so Happy Valentines day to me!
Another thing I fell in love with at first sight? This incredibly neon pink sweater! All the other options were black, grey, or navy, booooring. This colour makes me very happy and isn't that the point of getting dressed?
 photo neon1_zps3b269d46.jpg photo neon3_zps5d1b270c.jpg photo neon2_zps511e2be9.jpg
 photo neon_zps6e36b154.jpg
Outfit: Sweater-Decadence, Necklace-Jcrew, Heart phone case-Curious Case, Pants-Old Navy


  1. That is indeed a cool phone cover!

  2. That phone case is awesome and so is that sweater!

  3. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I really like your outfit here, the colour of the sweater is the bomb!
    I bet that hearts now have a special place in your life, I hope it's all been fixed and you don't have to get back into hospital any time soon!

    Have a great day,

  4. The color of this sweater is amazing, it looks so good with your skin/ hair color! And the green necklace is the perfect accent! Hope you had a great heart day :)
    xo Hannah

  5. what a cool phone case. I admire that you have such a great positive outlook. =)

  6. that phone case is awesome! and i love how you became interested in studies after you "diagnosis." i also like you outlook on getting dressed, which surprisingly i never think of myself.. maybe i need more bright colors like you. you look so great in the neons!

  7. That color looks great on you Jenna!

  8. Love your iPhone case ; ) And the color of your sweater, you always look good in bright colors.

  9. I'm love the bright neon of the sweater. I don't think I'd be drawn to that colour in say, January, but now that I'm BEYOND "over" the winter, I keep picking out fun brights like this too. All the better that it's a perfect piece for heart month, right?

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  10. 1. Cool phone case.

    2. Even cooler sweater. (Actually, it's probably a tie.)

    3. I love how positive and grounded you seem to be whenever you talk about your heart surgery and how it has impacted your life. You're just... awesome. Bright and optimistic and totally unashamed to put it out there and be honest. It's part of why I love coming to your blog. :)

  11. I think your obsession with anatomical hearts is completely justified - as is your love of this phone case, it's so adorable and perfectly nerdy (which I love; my phone case has crowded bookshelves on it.) And the black and white looks amazing against your bright sweater. I would never go for that colour but you are rocking it :)


Thank you for the love!