Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Pumpin' Blood

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The first official look of Heart Month 2014!! I was walking past Bang On on whyte avenue last week when I caught a glimpse of a heart printed tee in the window and I HAD to go in and get one made for myself. I decided to go with a grey tee because they're perfectly versatile and a blue decal. I could have gone red but that seemed a bit too literal.
So here I am a hater of pants in the past as a convert to leading a life of two legged confinement. I think I just needed to find the right pair because these are super comfortable and don't make me feel like I can't lunge if I want to. And you better believe I want to. I love the way they can be dressed up with a blazer, heels and a fun necklace too. Easy peasy!
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Outfit: Tee-Bang on, Blazer-U.O, Ring-Decadence, Watch-c/o Born Pretty, Necklace-JCREW, booties-Marc


  1. Damn, I love that shirt! I think the blue was a perfect choice.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I love the non literal blue of the heart print, perfect choice!

  3. finding the right pair totally helps! =D
    love seeing this look on you!


  4. I'm loving your heart-themed looks and the meaning behind why they're so special to you! I was very concerned when I first saw your ring though, I thought your finger was pierced and I wasn't totally okay with it haha


  5. I love that the heart is in blue which is fun and unexpected and-ah!- I am totally with you on getting on board wearing pants now! The right pair of jeans really helps.

  6. I saw the look on Instagram earlier and had to check out the post to see where the t-shirt came from. I love it even more knowing that it was a custom design :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That


  7. Oooh, I love that necklace. And what a rad custom shirt--the blue heart is different but it's such an electrifying color that it works so well!

    also, those heart tights from the previous post... I need those! Ack, those are too precious!

  8. That shirt is badass, and I'm so in love with that necklace — adorbs! xx

  9. Love the t-shirt! The grey and blue are a nice combination. Also, those jeans look amazing on you!

    xo Ashley

  10. cute! love the colors you chose. LOVE your necklace...as you might have read, i'm obsessed with necklaces again!


Thank you for the love!