Sunday, May 12, 2013

Casual Sunday

 photo keds3_zps6f8aa1bc.jpg
Good Morning Loves!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, mine was super nice and chill. I rode my bicycle around a lot and enjoyed the lovely weather. Today I'm going to spend it with my mum looking at plants and cooking her a tasty steak dinner, yum yum.
Is it just me or does anyone else find casual dressing in the summer harder? Winter layering makes it way easier to look casual and stylish. I also find it a lot harder to style pants and shorts than skirts and dresses, probably because I find it difficult to find tops I actually like. But this one I got for half off online for a boxing sale and have been anxiously awaiting warmer weather to wear it ever since. I love that it can be dressed up easily but also worn casually with some ripped jean shorts and my cute polka dot new keds for a bike ride. And if I didn't look totally ridiculous in hats I feel like this would have been a perfect hat look, but alas, I have a big head.
Happy Sunday Loves!
 photo keds_zpsdea6ab3f.jpg photo keds1_zpsc4dcefa2.jpg photo keds2_zps448f7c83.jpg
Outfit: Shorts- Mavi (SUPER old), Top-U.O., Bag-NYC market, Watch-Fossil, Necklace-Stella and dot, Ray Bans-Smart glasses online


  1. So weird to see you in jeans! love it.

  2. This is such a different look for you, but really cute!

    Those Ked's are adorable. Do you find they're comfortable?

    xoxo Jackie

  3. Cuuute! I think I've never seen you in shorts?! Love how you styled them with the top and these adorable sneakers! I want polkadot shoes too! <3

  4. LOVE those shoes, this is a really great style for you!

  5. ohhhh i love your yellow bag!!! and i seriously love the red hair on you :)

  6. how cute are your sneakers! love them!

  7. It is different to see you in...well, anything not a dress or skirt, but fun too! Summer styling can be a challenge because mostly I just want to not be over-heated. But it is a fun challenge too in its way!

  8. OMG you're wearing shorts! Haha! You look so cute, but really, you can pull off any outfit. And I am loving those shoes!



    Southern (California) Belle

  9. Honestly, I find dressing for summer harder, period - there are far fewer options and layers can never come to your rescue, unless you want to die of heat stroke ;) I think you did a great job putting together this casual summer ensemble, though. I'm practically dying over how adorable your polkadot runners are!

  10. Very strange seeing you in jeans but you have a great figure for them :) Love your bag and shoes! I think it's REALLY hard to stay stylish in the summer months. Specifically because I want to wear the least amount of clothes possible, and layering is what makes everything so cute, in my opinion!

    xo Ashley

  11. fun, fun, fun! and how cute are those shoes!!
    it's great to see you in shorts! exactly what i always say, that it's harder to dress down than to dress up. year-round dilemma for me here since it's always hot!!

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  12. OMG I love you in your Keds!! More sneaker outfits please??? ;-)


Thank you for the love!