Friday, March 1, 2013

Hearts In Review

Hey Guys, it's officially March and that means heart month is over!! It was a pretty successful one I'd say, but I am excited to explore the rest of my wardrobe outside of just heart print, pink and red. But I thought I'd look at all my Heart Month looks all in one go! 
 photo ebd9d890-63f0-4997-8ec7-eea0bff63301_zps6ad5dc49.jpg photo e54c7aab-b67f-4b26-a403-c1c838a1030e_zpsa997f664.jpg
 photo b15e397f-9339-4ad2-8635-94039f7b9b62_zps21e20eda.jpg photo 8e99161e-b6e5-4188-87f9-003cd09cf427_zpsa391f482.jpg
 photo d4c83cc2-d4c3-48f7-8b28-597cc61a4450_zpsf67b3d9b.jpg photo a0053763-bf57-4c58-aab4-a32586bb5e01_zps3a0db60f.jpg photo 9d67bffd-9fb9-4d26-9824-529a6820d9dc_zpse411730b.jpg photo 5e04072a-2871-467e-8030-de4ca2fc3ef8_zpse88ed8ba.jpg
 photo cd215b9c-cf9a-4f61-82cc-fc9248bb6726_zps613e9d70.jpg photo fd465fbf-f790-4d9e-b941-e7db30d9bdb0_zpsd12fb46c.jpg photo 2854d2f5-8cb3-45e0-9b68-4023beeab982_zps7d52be52.jpg photo 2488d343-7aea-444a-8f1c-5ba2313ef312_zps24536e47.jpg photo e7f961b8-f8e7-4f08-bffe-9c7d0198b1c5_zpsa0fafc41.jpg photo 1487a0bb-3d37-4831-91ea-b010cfd3688f_zps7a850c7c.jpg
Thank you for all your support! Your encouragment and kind words always brighten my day :)


  1. You celebrated heart month so well! and congrats!


  2. SO many adorable ones! I think my favorite one is the red dress and heart balloons shoot, but I also loved the adorable heart leopard print top!
    Happy Friday!
    xo Hannah

  3. great outfits! Your hair looks so pretty!

  4. Pretty!
    Love the red!

  5. Love the looks, Jenna!
    That leopard print heart shirt is amazing!!

    xo Raquel

  6. Really pretty outfits for February. I also love the rose jacket! :) Have a great weekend.

  7. Yay! I loved your heart theme for February. Maybe it should be a yearly theme! You looked cute in each and every one of these outfits.

  8. What a fun theme and a good way to promote Heat Month.

  9. awesome post!

  10. These are all so pretty! I loved this project of yours. So fun to see all your inspired lovely looks every day. My fave is the one with duke and the heart balloon. So beautiful!


Thank you for the love!