Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Hey Lovelies!! There are so many reasons I love fall even though it leads to winter. That might be one of the biggest reasons to love fall and to be outside and enjoy every last nice day before we're under snow and it's cold. I have so much I still want to do before it's too cold out!! I had not been to a corn maze in years, and I am so glad I finally got to go. It was so fun to wander around the maze during the afternoon and then pick out little pumpkins afterward. 

This bright orange cardigan seemed like the perfect thing to wear to the maze and pumpkin patch. I love the colour and it is incredibly cozy, I will hopefully be getting lots of wear out of it this F/W. The dress I'm wearing is actually a nightgown, but with a big comfy cardigan and scarf, it's perfect for day wear and then for sleepwear. I love nightgowns as dresses and need to get my hands on some more, they are so easy to layer. 
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Outfit: Dress-U.O, Cardigan-H&M, Belt-Thrift, Bag-Market, Scarf-Ardenes, Ring-Oak and FortPhotobucketPhotobucket 
Pumpkins and Goats!!


  1. corn mazes are so fun! and you're right, that sweater is totally perfect for a trip to a pumpkin patch. i have to figure out when my boyfriend and i are going to be able to fit in a trip to the pumpkin place!

  2. That orange is a great colour on you! xx

  3. That cardigan is so perfect...I love the colour and style of it!!

    Natasha ~

  4. Very cute outfit. I love the cardigan. ALSO, very jealous of your corn maze attending. Must get me a more adventurous significant other. ;p

  5. What an incredible look! I totally agree perfect look for a pumpkin patch! Lovely cardigan! I am following you on bloglovin and you can follow back if you like my style too! xxoo


  6. This outfit is lovely, that cardigan is such a great colour! I've always wanted to go in a corn maze, it looks like so much fun! xo

  7. that's like the cutest nightdown/dress ever then. and i LOVE it with the oversized cardi. just love it. and a corn maze sounds like sooo much fun!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  8. that sweater is perfect! When did you go there? We went on sunday! Too funny!
    <3 Kastles

  9. That's pretty much like the perfect fall cardigan - and it's an awesome colour on double win!

    Courtney ~

  10. So cute! I love that sweater! Such a fun color for the upcoming autumn season :)

  11. ah! so lovely :) love the color of the cardi

  12. Your cardigan really is the perfect pumpkin orange color! It's so so cute with your little dress and fun patterned scarf. I wish it was that cool here. I think our winter is more like your fall though haha

  13. Hattitude Style Blog
    best cardigan ever. going to h and m this weekend probably jenna thanks for the tips!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  14. I love these pics Jenna! I was at a corn maze on Tuesday - aren't they just the best? Of course, I didn't really get to take pretty outfit photos like you as I was chaperoning for my son's preschool class. That just would have been weird..hehe.

    Your cardi is quite perfect for the occasion and that dress!!! I never would have guessed that little beauty was a nightgown. The little gold specs on it are so pretty!

    xo Marisa

  15. This makes me want to go to a pumpkin patch ASAP. I love the color of your cardigan, especially for this outing, and the rest of the outfit works so well. (Psst... I also wear nightgowns as dresses.)

  16. Hi Jenna!
    I want to visit a corn maze and pick pumpkins! seems interesting and fun. oh and i like your jacket's color! i do agree it's perfect to wear out for picking pumpkins! =)

    xo, Carla

  17. Jenna! It's obviously been way to long since I've stopped by, your blog has had a complete makeover - and it looks AMAZING. I love what you've done with the place ;) Your fall ensemble is fabulous, too. The tiny polkadots on your dress match your sweater so subtly but also perfectly, and that shade of orange is just gorgeous on you!

  18. Such a perfect coloured sweater! Love the scenery too, fun!
    xo Cara


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