Monday, October 15, 2012


Good Morning Lovely Lou's. I hope you all had a stellar (yes, stellar) weekend!! I had all sorts of fun from Eskies games to a house warming for the cutest couple I know. Seeing their little home made me so stoked to move out, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for spring sometime. I need to get all my crap in order before then with school, grad school and finances but it's good motivation. My shopping ban should help with the financial aspect (& no longer working in a mall). Yupp from now until Christmas no shopping (except for presents for famjamily). I'm going to let myself thrift though starting end of October, but I have a limit for that too. 
I should probably just start a blog for Mr. Duke, he's on here basically everyday. Or do Monday's with Mr. Duke?! We had such an awesome day spent down by the river in the sunshine with all the leaves when it warmed up a bit after the crappy weather we had earlier this week. This floral dress has been a go-to in my wardrobe for the past 2 years, my mom bought it for me half off from Urban Outfitters. I love that it goes with everything, has a half front zipper and can go through all seasons. I need more pieces like that in my wardrobe!
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Outfit: Dress-U.O, Belt-Beacon's Closet, Sweater-Ardenes ($9!!), Bag-Market, Shoes-Payless, Ring-Gift, Bracelets-The bay
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My little brother and Mr. Duke having a good time. 


  1. Love the cardigan! You look so cozy! And I never tire of seeing pictures of your adorable Duke : ).

  2. i need to go on a shopping ban too!!! i love seeing duke in photos by the way - he's such a cute little addition. and your dress!!! ohmygoodness it's so cute - and i love that yellow bag - i really love yellow in purses

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. I love your Duke! I'm going to make Nugget get into my next outfit post! ps. this is SUPER duper random.. but were you at the airport by any chance on Saturday? I thought I saw you.. but I didn't want to be a weirdo just in case it wasn't you lol.. I was flying back from Toronto!

    1. I definitely was!! That's hilarious! My manfriend was coming home for the weekend and I was picking him up :D

    2. haha damn I should have said hi! but I defs have been that person where I go hi! and its totally not the person I thought.. haha

    3. Haha, I have done that too! It is embarrassing

  4. I love the idea of focusing on thrifting instead of mall shopping. I've been in so much trouble this month for spending. I think I will try to get to my neighborhood value village ASAP. (I both work and live next to a value village and yet somehow never visit). ALSO I would definitely endorse a Mondays with Mr. Duke post. Haha, he's adorable. ;)

  5. I love the front zipper on the dress...and now I feel like I totally need a trip to Value Village ASAP.

    Courtney ~

  6. Love the layers, so great for fall!

    xo, Christina
    Check out my leopard print GIVEAWAY!

  7. Awww, he is such a cutie! He's got a great smile. You look lovely too, that dress is fantastic xo

  8. You two are just the cutest :) You have such a knack for layering accessories and such. I feel like I always stop at a hair accessory and brooch and call it a day - but I just love how you wear all your bracelets & rings. I'm feeling the need for more interesting jewelry like that in my wardrobe.

    Love the dress too!

    As for thrifting, it's a million times better than the mall :) Best wishes with your ban! xo Marisa

  9. This look is just so perfect for fall! I'm in love with the colour palette. I saw the sweater and though "that's the perfect cozy sweater for fall!" then I scrolled down and saw that it was $9 from Ardenes!!!!! Looks like I need to take a trip to the mall...

  10. Aw Duke! He's so adorable, maybe it's time he gets a regular fixture on here haha. And I'm in a bit of a shopping ban myself, it sucks! Hope you have the strength to get through it :). Loving this super chic but comfy fall look Jenna!

    Alexandra xo

  11. I can't decide which is more adorable... The puppy or the dress?

  12. Ohhh, Mr.Duke is super adorable!!!!! Love how you styled this fall look!
    Kisses from DC

  13. cute post! your sweater looks so comfy and i love all of the fall leaves!

    lindsey louise

  14. The location is so pretty with all the fallen leaves! I'm really loving your sweater! I have a few dresses like this that I always feel good in. Certainly great to have those sure things in your closet!

  15. you look lovely! the location, the outfit (esp. braselets!) and Mr. Duke are soo adorable!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  16. Duke is soooo cute! I'd definitely be up for a Monday Duke feature. And later he can have little Duke Jr. babies and they'll fill my computer screen with joy haha.


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