Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best of the week


It's been a rough week, so finding some positive is a good thing Photobucket Tasty new tea; tea with POPCORN in it..seriously; New rings and pendants; Going for a nice long run; nice smelling flowers on my bedside table; freshly washed sheets/towels; Animal Crackers; delicious stuffed peppers my favorite!!; Sweet blogging friends; sweet friends in general; feeling positive about the future; Beer + nachos; Not feeling sick anymore;

What was the best of YOUR week??


  1. I love popcorn tea!! My mind was completely blown the first time I saw/bought/tried it, haha!
    The best of my week was getting bonked on the head with inspiration by vintage patterns!

    Hope next week is happier for you :D Your posts always add some sunshine to my days!

    M xo

  2. I've never heard of that tea before! I must try to find some. Plus I'd buy them just for the cute jars. Seriously! hehe.. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Oh and my best of the week was the waffle party my friends threw. Just a bunch of people eating all kinds of yummy waffles. Including a falafel waffle with tahini sauce. Mmm...

  3. Interesting tea. I might have to check it out. Best of my week was visiting and spending time with my family.

  4. that tea sounds interesting, hope you cheer up soon honey :) xo

  5. Tea with popcorn? I've never heard of that! I hope you have a better week this week : )

  6. Fancy tea and popcorn sounds like a pretty good combination to me :) The highlight of my week was eating gummy easter bunnies and watching Hugh Grant movies. Hope this week is better for you!


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