Sunday, February 6, 2011

Versatile Blogger, and Springspiration!

So I have been very honored by the lovely ladies from both my eye, and bad taste toast have given me the versatile blogger award!! Thank you so much lovely ladies! I reallyreally appreciate it. I've already shared a bunch of random facts the last few times on here. I thought I'd share one of the inspiration posts I'm starting to put together for spring!


Some of the items I realllly want/need for spring are:

1. Florals, floral anything, dresses, tops, skirts etc.

2. Pretty flirty girly sundresses

3. A new leather jacket, mine is pretty much falling apart and doesnt fit right anymore

4. Wedge sandels

5. Pops of bright colours, especially yellow

6. Ruffles!

7. Vintage looking lockets, and cool jewellery


What are some of your inspirations for spring?!

Thank you for all the love!! You guys are awesome.



  1. pretty pretty pretty! I'm really ready for spring too :(

  2. I've been working on what kind of things I want for spring--my list looks a lot like yours! Can't wait for warm weather.

  3. oh i can't wait for spring! i'm with you on the floral everything...i don't have enough of it in my closet!


Thank you for the love!