Friday, November 5, 2010

The world was like a secret

Good morning!! I got up and did my outfit pictures in the morning! As you can see the sun isn't even completely up yet. Now that's commitment.
I really wanted to wear my purple suede booties, I have been wanting to wear them all week and just hadn't gotten around to it yet. They're wonderful though, I feel so nice and tall for once! Very rarely will I wear heels on campus, but these ones are pretty comfortable and easy to walk/run in. I wanted to contrast the stripe print of the skirt with my polka dot tights. I like the way this mix looks actually. Stripes and dots are great together. I kept the base of my outfit pretty neutral with black and white then threw in punches of colour with the blue cardigan, dark purple shoes and my lovely red bag. I really like the way this turned out.
I'm so happy it's friday! I get to go to the Edmonton Oilers hockey game tonight, I'm taking my brothers ex girlfriend (who is fantastic, his new girlfriend is fantastic too as well). It should be fun, hopefully I'll get a lot of work done this weekend, midterms, papers, and presentations are all in my future for the next few weeks
But since I'm in the library at Uni typing this I think I should probably get to work. I have lots to do!
ps. I went on a tour of a max security prison yesterday for one of my classes...I'll talk about it later, so interesting.

outfit: cardigan & tank top-can't remember, I've owned them for years
skirt-forever 21
tights- H&M
Title from "a boy and his machine gun" Matthew Good


  1. Those shoes are from Payless? Crazy! Super adorable :)
    Love the eclectic mix you have going on here. It's fun without being too much... juuust right!


  2. So pretty, I love the fun colored shoes you have!

  3. Wonderful post, i love this look!!!)))

  4. Cute blog....just found your link., the striped skirt and polka dot look great!!!

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  5. Thanks everyone!! I love mixing and breaking some "rules". Growing up I was very anti brown and black, which is so funny to me now. Even when I had pink in my hair though I found it hard to make myself wear red...some habis die hard!



Thank you for the love!