Sunday, November 7, 2010

Place to call my own

Greeting's all, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into where the magic happens...that line is super cheesy. This is where I get my work done for the blog/inspiration while browsing the web, reading all your fashion blogs. I don't usually do school work here for some reason, I leave that for a school library or Starbucks/Second Cup (seriously where I do my best studying). I want to get a corkboard for that wall and put up all the photos I find inspirational on it.
I think having a calm/relaxing place to do your thing helps bring on inspiration and makes you want to blog. This is supposed to be a creative outlet for me, so having my own space is helpful. I live in my parents house, but I have the basement to myself (that doesn't mean my families messyness doesn't somehow wander down here stilll..) It's really nice to just have a space to be creative in though. I have my art area over about 5 feet from here, where I have all my paints, canvas, and my camera plug ins, flash and tripod.
I really like the dark, warm colors, definatly feels relaxing for me, and having my favorite scent (pumpkin spice) wafting over to me as I photo edit, and type away is really something I enjoy. And of course having my favorite magazines around for whenever I need some quick inspiration is always great.
Anyways, I am off to study for a bit, then go play soccer!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I had a nice relaxing one :)
For inspiration. Some old, some new, mostly just one's I liked the fashion shoot in, or a specific articleMy favorite scent, ever.
The notorious Bettie Page


  1. I feel more relaxed just looking at these :) Nice space Jenna!

  2. I wish I had a little space exclusively for blogging! I live in a dorm and I don't even have a desk... I end up doing most of my work sitting in the dining room of my dorm house and blogging on my floor. hehe.

    Your space looks perfect though! So relaxing :D


  3. Oh no! A dorm room! I don't think I could ever handle that, haha. You have more patience than I do!


Thank you for the love!