Saturday, November 20, 2010


Greetings my dears from Winterland! The temperatures started off at a frosty -25 degrees celcius this morning but did eventually rise to a balmy -15. This is what we have to look forward to for the next ohhhh, about 4 months or so. Although I am sure we will have some weeks of -2 thrown in there, as well as some -40's just to make things interesting. One day last winter we were the second coldest place in the entire world. Huh. BUT it was soo pretty today, everything was frosty and I loved it, despite the chilly temperatures all I wanted to do was go outside and take pictures!
I wore this because I was giving a presentation with 2 other girls in my Clinical Psychology class about "Psuedocyesis" which is a Somatoform Disoder Not otherwise specified, in which the individual thinks they're pregnant and starts developing physical signs of pregnancy (lactation, abdominal growth, etc) but they are NOT pregnant. It's extremly rare and very interesting. I think it went well, everyone was interested in our topic and the prof said he learned a lot he didn't know! Always a good thing to hear.
Back to the outfit, this dress is the reason for my ordering things off the internet a few weeks ago, I had seen this dress on the F21 website but they did not have it on the Canadian website. When I finally saw it on the canadian site, I just had to buy it. I am in love with the print, the colours are so pretty and wonderful. They only had a medium (im usually a small) but I bought it still, and I am so glad I did! It's so comfortable and soft and warm. I've never owned a dress with 3/4 length sleeves and I must say I love it. I threw on my studded belt, and knew after all the snow I would have to wear my snowflake necklace (I refuse to wear it when theres no snow, feels like bad luck). I'm wearing like 3 pairs of socks under these boots and my thickest tights, so I was pretty toasty. Of course I did freeze my butt off taking these photos, but I am pleased with them so it makes it okay?
Anyways I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Ohh I have more photos (of snow and the like) which I will post later, I'm also thinking of cropping and rearranging the photos so they're be two in one? Just side by side. However that would mean they'd be smaller, because they're already set at the largest they can be..... If that's not confusing to anyone, let me know what you think.

Holiday tea keeps me warm in between photos

I am indeed wearing too different mittens here...

Outfit: Jacket&Dress- forever 21




  1. Gorgeous dress! I just love the colours :) Seeing all the snow in your pictures is making me feel much better about the tiny bit of snow we got in Vancouver over night!

  2. It looks amazing on you and the snowflake necklace is the best necklace ever!!!! Can't wait to see the snow pictures!

  3. ohhh snow. i would love some snow right now.
    very pretty dress
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  4. That condition sounds nuts! I had to go read about it on Wikipedia after reading your post, hehe.

    Your photos already show up kind of small on my monitor... It'd be really hard to see what you even have on if they were side by side, I think.

    I love that dress, and it fits you perfectly!


  5. YAY for Edmonton!! haha, not really. Wasn't the coldest day last year the worst?!? I'm excited to see what you wear in the frozen months! I also love the two different mittens, sometimes you just can't find two of the same!


  6. Thank you all so much!! Yeah the snow looks so pretty, too bad it has to be so cold at the same time!!
    @ Sophi, I know isn't it crazy?? It was not a fun day, I figured out how to make the images larger, it'll take some fine tuning to figure out which dimensions work best though :)

  7. Oh my word, how I love this dress!!! Isn't Forever21 just fabulous? They are so cheap, but if you wear their clothes right, you can look amazing...exactly like you do in these pics.

    <3 Cambria

  8. I agree, F21 is amazing, I love how affordable everything is and if you style things right it doesn't look "cheap"
    Thank you!!

  9. Snow sisters! You look great :)



  10. I love your dress! It's so pretty! I have yet to brave the cold and take photos outside without my coat on, but my indoor photo taking options are so limited, I might have to soon! Love your belt, too!


Thank you for the love!