Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I really do apologize for looking a little angsty in these photos. It's not that I was mad, I was just cold, very cold.

Snoooooow!!! The temperature plummeted on monday night and by tuesday morning we were greeted with snowflakes, wind and a chilly -10 degrees celcius. Today was even better! -12, with the wind chill putting us closer to -17! These are more seasonal temperatures, and even though I miss the warmth quite badly, I am enjoying this change. The snow has thrown me head first into christmas mode, which means I am brain storming chirstmas presents, coming up with christmas outfits and listen to a lot of jazzy music (Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald mmmhmm). I don't mind winter and snow, I just hate cold. But I will tolerate it up until febuary then I get annoyed!
I am really looking forward to building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, really thick warm sweaters and socks, toboganing!!

This is what I wore to school today, layers upon layers to keep my teeny bum warm while the wind gusted! I'm wearing a long sleeve sweater under this royal blue cardigan with one of my favorite skirts. High waisted, crazy print? Yes please. I'm wearing ridiculously thick warm tights and socks and boots. My body was happy for the bundling. I really love my black sparkly scarf I'm wearing in the last few photos too, I rescued it from my closet because I had completely forgotten about it! I bought it in my very first year of University (which seems a long time ago, hmm). And of course, I adore this jacket, having a good winter jacket you live in Edmonton is pretty important I think. I have a few.


I took these photos in under 10 mins and was still freezing by the time I came inside, so I warmed myself with a hot bowl of soup. I hope everyone appreciates that I froze my buttocks off. I really hate to take indoor photos though, the lighting in my home is absolutly abysmal.

xJenna D

You can see my bra....whoops, looks like this sweater is a tit..tad bit sheer. I was actually having a pretty good time despite the cold, frolicking about and taking these photos
outfit: blk sweater- smart set
blue cardigan-?
purple skirt/jacket- forever 21
Scarf- H & M
tights- winners

This is my new addition to the area where I bog, a glitter covered skeleton. It's really cute, sometimes I find that I just can't say no to a little glitter. He's currently hanging out on the lampshade but that will probably change.


  1. you look so cute all bundled up and ahhh, snow!!

  2. I really love this outfit! It is perfect for looking chic in the cold.

  3. I can't even imagine how cold -17 degrees Celsius is. It was like 55 degrees Fahrenheit today and I was freezing. Haha.

    You are rockin' that cozy-chic! I like wearing bright colors when the weather sucks... makes everything a little more fun.

    I'm having a vintage purse giveaway on my blog, be sure to check it out!

  4. Thank you everyone!!! Yeah wearing something that makes you smile definatly helps when it gets cold!


Thank you for the love!