Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh, Lady be good

This week I have a paper due, a midterm and a group presentation. I really hate school sometimes, but I love it to? Ahh, yes. Love/hate relationship
I had a long day at Uni today and wanted to be comfortable and cozy. I absolutly love this scarf, the leopard print in that fantastic green colour. I wish I owned more of this colour. This scarf is cashmere and I bought it for $5!! Can you believe that deal? I paired it with my light beige cardigan which I belted. I like the casual look, with my wonderful vintage boots. This is what I like to wear on really long study days at school/coffee shop. Nothing quite beats a great scarf and cardigan combination.
My purse was filled with snacks!! I am always so hungry, constantly have granola bars, sandwhiches, salad, and fuit hiding in here! I am off to do homework and await the snow thats coming tomorrow apparently!

PS. I took these photos at like 430 and it was already super dark. Sigh
belt, scarf and boots-thrifted


  1. That is a great bag! And your outfit is super adorable for a day of studying.

  2. I saw this look on chictopia and I coudln't resist coming here to see more photos of that amazing scarf! I cannot believe that it is green, leopard print, cashmere AND that you got it for 5$! Unreal! But so lucky :) I've really enjoyed exploring your blog... stop by and visit mine sometime if you like :)

  3. Aww thank you both!! I know I am so impressed with my deal on this scarf, it's my favorite by far
    @ cee, I am following you know :)

  4. This is such a cute outfit! And I can't believe your boots are thrifted, what a great buy!

  5. Thank you!! Yeah I was rather impressed when I found them


Thank you for the love!