Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Jessica Stam in "after hours"
Uk Vogue November 2010
photographed by Lina Scheynius
I really adore the lighting and clothing in this photo shoot. I am going to buy the very soon, it looks like a really great issue (I always find the UK versions of Elle and Vogue UK vogue have especially spectacular fashion shoots)
First off, I think Jessica Stam is a beautiful model, always have. I really love the leopard print bustier with the sparkly skirt here:Favorite photo: The lighting and use of shadow I think is gorgeous here. I love the leopard print coat with the dress!! I want. The sparkly pants in the 3rd last photos are absolutly amazing, can you imagine owning anything like that?
I think I am going to need to pair something leopard print with something sparkly in the near future.


  1. She looks gorgeous as always!

    Yay for Edmonton bloggers! : )

  2. Aww yeah, I am always shocked when I come across people from Edmonton! I love it though!!

  3. she does look great, and the lighting is fantastic. I agree, the UK versions are so much better!!


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