Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sugar Mountain

Oh to live on sugar mountain, with the barkers and the coloured balloons. You can't be twenty on Sugar Mountain, but you're feeling like you're leaving there too soon.
Neil Young, you are my man
So I love this skirt, A lot. But I find it difficult to find things to pair with it. Patterned tights wouldn't be so good, small polka dots maybe? That may be cute. This tank top has glitter on the straps and I like it belted with the cardigan, makes it a bit more casual. Which is perfect because I had a midterm today (which I for the one I have on friday :S)
I'm finally getting all my music on my new ipod (which I love) Ipod touches are freakin amazing by the way. I highly reccomend it. AND I bought some new short boots, I got 30% off and they're quite cute. I may be getting a job at the shoe store, which would be good (although I may spend my whole paycheck there...)

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