Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

I pretty much took these photos in about 15 mins, and then I had to take off, leaving me to upload them now...at 10pm. Today was a crazycrazy day. I went to my first class but then took off, came home, ate, went to study for a few hours, went to the gym, studied, took these pictures, went to the mall and came home. Yeah.....I feel like I'm out of breath. But I got a lot done. And I'm very prepared for my midterm tomorrow.
I really like this dress, it almost looks like denim but it's a comfortable cotton material. I like the fit of it, except that the pockets are really really low. Almost all of my dress have pockets...I think I have an addiction. Also I don't know if I like it belted, but everytime I wear it unbelted I wish I had a belt....sigh. I do love these leopard print tights though, meow. I want some new black leather boots, hmmm, I shall have to do some research.
Oh and I rarely ever wear my hair straight....so here it is, all straight and such. I don't mind it I guess, I'm just used to it wavy is all
I have a brand spankin new Ipod, it is a 32 GB touch and I think it's damn sexy if I do say so myself!! Anyways I need to sync my Ipod with all my music and then go to bed. Another crazy day ahead of me.

outfit: Dress(H&M), Tights(H&M), Shoes(Winners), Belt(F21), Spoon Necklace(Farmers market)


  1. I really like it straight, especially with this cute outfit!

  2. Aww thank you so much! Its such a comfy look for university


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