Friday, October 8, 2010

Ramble On

Oh hello there, It is friday!! I was very excited for friday, that is until I had a midterm
And looked at the requirments for grad school (><)
and then realized I have no topic for my next paper
and the day went downhill
BUT IT'S FRIDAY. Before a long weekend even! If you live in the fantastic land of Canada like moi (we're bilingual here eh?) then it is Thanksgiving on monday! You know what that means? It first means I get another day to study/sleep/relax AND I get to stuff my face with turkey and the fixens, so obviously I can't stay in a bad mood for long! Tomorrow night my friends and I have our annual (4th year?) turkey dinner! About 20 of us get dressed up, all making dishes and come together for a fantastic evening. I'm really looking forward to it, especially since my 2 friends who moved for school will be home for it! Yay!
So this is my outfit. I finally got around to wearing my lovely knee high socks, I love them. A lot, especially with my little oxford boots! I wear wearing a different skirt this morning, but it was a little too short and looked too hoochie, no thank you. I really love this leopard print one anyways, it's my favorite fall skirt. Leopard print is always great for fall. Also my black top, yeah the pocket, its made of sequins. Makes me very giddy. And of course wearing my new lovely spoon necklace, because the outfit needed a little punch of colour. I may be wearing head to toe black/grey/brownish shades but I reallly love this outfit. I feel good in it. Hot even. Yeah, hot. Thanks for listening to my rant. Have a fantastic gobble gobble weeknd
Love, spice, and everything nice
-JennaDOhhhh shit. I apparently lack balance. Huh...

PS. I'm thankful for my lovely friends who I get to have dinner with tomorrow. And a lovely man who makes me smile when I'm having a shit day and stop believing in myself. (aww, shutup)

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