Monday, October 11, 2010

My friends and I had our lovely turkey dinner saturday night where we got all dressed up and this is what I wore out. I love this dress from Urban Outfitters, it's got such a unique pattern. And I couldn't resist wearing my amazing green shoes from aldo. These shoes are my absolute favorite, and I didn't get to wear them enough this summer. Kept my other accessories simple, just a few rings, black belt and green clutch.
I had such an amazing time on saturday, it was soo nice to see all my friend's and catch up with the ones I hadn't seen in a long while. We had so much yummy food too. Since thursday I will have had 4 turkey dinners....A little excessive? NO! I will be posting some photos from the festivities soon, but right now I have my family Turkey dinner!!

Leaves stuck to my heel!

My fantastic boyfriend (looking in the wrong direction? haha) My loves. So beautiful
Outfit: dress-urban outfitters


  1. I love this dress. What a pretty color. I love that you added the green accessories. They really pop!

  2. lovely.
    you should change your profile links bit, there's three and i had no idea which to click

  3. Thank you so much! Such a fun night

    Ohh, I definatly should get on that, thanks!


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