Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All that glitters....

Hello there, I am greeting you from the planet of "My life is school, my brain is mush" Aka I spent 3 hours before class, 2 hours after class and an hour and a half at home studying for my midterm tomorrow. Some call this cramming....I call it "It was thanksgiving this weekend so instead of studying I gorged on turkey".
Now onward and upward. This shirt, I love this shirt. It has SEQUINS for stripes! I saw one just like it in the fall Jcrew ads, but unfortunatly I cannot afford to spend $150+ on a sweater. I was disheartened until I went to the (first ever in Canada) Victoria's Secret looking for knickers (i hate the word panties) and spotted this baby! I was so excited, and it just so happened to be that my fantastic boyfriend still owed me part of my bday present. So he bought it for me!
I have to say, the sparklyness is lovely. Can't a girl just give in and wear something sparkly? It's so comfy and casual but feels so much more interesting because it shines in the sunlight. I may have made things a little nautical with my sweet anchor necklace and my favorite ring. I think I wear this ring 5/7 days, it was the best $8 I've ever spent. My boots are fantastic, unfortunatly the photo I took of them is shit, and I'm going to take better ones soon I promise! They're super comfy, and have little studs wrapped around the ankle. Love.
Anyways, I'm getting up super early before my midterm tomorrow to study a bit more, so it is off to bed I go!!
ps. I feel like all I've done is outfit posts lately...I have a lot of other things I want to do and hopefully will make time to do them. This blog, while it is about my personal style is devoted to other hobbies like style inspiration and photography. So lets get some of that goin on soon!
This is a bad photo, look like a deer in the headlights/like im about to sneeze. But it's the only one with my leather on....MY BAD. It's a lovely leather jacket

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