Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Greetings my dears! And a very Happy Halloween to all of you. I hope everyone had an absolutly wonderful time dressing up and pretending to be something different! I know I certainly did. A small group of us went to the local pub and hung out, having a few beers and a good time. I was knocking everyone in the face with my feathers and it was very funny.
Here is my Peacock costume, which I think turned out quite fantastic. I loved these feathers and I got so many compliments on my costume. Everyone was pretty impressed with my massive tail. I just stuck them into a styrofoam ball and glued that to a belt and ta-da a peacock tail! I got this very pretty blue dress some american apparel, it's the "le sac" dress and I am really love that theres a million different ways to wear it. I had my makeup all blue and green as well it looked really sweet, unfortunatly I did not get a close up of it! I was rushing to get ready pretty hard
This was I think my best Halloween costume yet! It was suprisingly easy to make, and now I have a bunch of gorgeous peacock feathers. I apologize for picture quality in advance, I wish I had taken some better ones, but we were having such a good time and were running low on time before we had to head out
Now I am off to give little trick or treaters some candy :)


ps. Peacock feathers are off EBay!

Sorry if some of the photos are not great lighting, they were taken in my kitchen which has the worst lighting. Bryce as Lumberjack (aka Paul Bunyan)

He actually had all these clothes in his closet...So goodMeri the mime!! Such a great job on the makeupLumberjack trying to kill the peacock! Ah!Mime in a box!!


Dress-American Apparel

Tights- H&M



  1. Wow! What a great idea for a costume! You did a lovely job and you look so cute :)


  2. Oh my goodness I thought they were attached to the outside of the house at first because they are SOOO big. Were they so heavy on your back, haha?! Love it so much :)

  3. Thank you!! They weren't actually heavy at all! Just big and poking everyone around me hahaha. It was soo fun

  4. wow love that blue dress, the colour looks so nice on you!! And very cool pictures of your Halloween :D

    great blog!


    hope you come visit/follow me :)

  5. as I`ve told you on Chictopia, you`re so creative! love the colours and the whole outfit idea!:)


Thank you for the love!