Thursday, October 28, 2010

Light My Fire

Light my fire to warm me up, it's chilly!! Another cold day here in Edmonton, Alberta. I can't complain though because soon enough we will be dealing with MUCH colder temperatures and I will be dreaming of days where it's only -3. It's supposed to be nice for the weekend, which is good because it's Halloween! I love halloween I must say, it's the best. Dressing up all crazy and getting into character, so fun. I am dressing up as a peacock, and thankfully got my feathers in the mail yesterday. I have to start working on it!! Ahhh!!
I really like this dress, its very feminine with the small floral print. I've always loved it with these small polka dot tights, for some reason to me they belong together! The only problem I have with this dress is that it's strapless (& i don't quite fill the cups completely) so I'm always tugging it up! So frustrating, but it's still a great dress. These boots are my moms! Yupp, the only things of hers I borrow, they're cute and have little tassles on the back.
I really appreciate the feedback on the aesthetics of the blog! I will try to fix the header once I get a moment to breath. It's been a crazy week and shall be a crazy weekend
My friend and I might be creating an etsy account with some trinkets we're making/clothing for sale. So just you wait! I get so excited everytime I see I have a new follower here, it's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself :)


  1. As I said on chictopia I love this look of yours! Going to follow you now!

  2. Aww thank you dear! If I'm not already following you, I will be now :)

  3. Haha, you're not talking to yourself and you have to post your halloween costume, it sounds intense and awesome!!

  4. I like this outfit! the dot tights are perfect, even though they are textured they are subtle enough to act as a neutral!


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