Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Fourth Wall

One of my good friends and I went to see "Mump and Smoot" this saturday evening. It's this awesome play with two sadistic clowns who speak in semi gibberish and are halarious. It was amazing! We went and saw them two years back and have been patiently waiting for them to return. I was walking to my class the other day and saw a poster on the while advertising for it! So of course we went, and it did not dissapoint.
I wanted to wear this amazing purple leopard print skirt, and decided to mix it up with my backless onsie from american apparel. I bought the bodysuit for a custom and have ended up wearing it several times! I love it, its kinda sexy, but not in too provocative way. And of course I adore my polka dot tights and little boots. Oh and I love my ring, I've had it for about two years, it's gorgeous. My mom bought it for me at a jewellery party and my best friends mom has the same one. Anyways other than that I studied a lot this weekend, went to another baby shower and that was all :)


  1. Open backs are so chic and it.

  2. Thanks dear!! Yeah I love this one a lot, completely changes the whole look of anything i wear it with


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