Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Winter...

Aren't these amazing? This is what I wore to University today. I really like these tights, the pattern on them is really cool, unfortunatly from far away you can't really see it!! It was really really cold today so I threw on my thickest cardigan and belted it to my simple tshirt dress. I think the sweater might be a little too bulky with this thin dress though, I don't know if it's necessary the most flattering thing? Ah well I was warm and got t wear my new tights!

I spent about 41/2 hours in the library studying today. Got a longweekend of studying ahead of me!! And another baby shower, it never ends haha, they're fun though. I finally just finished going through pictures from thanksgiving and got them up for my friends so i'll have some good ones up here soon too. ALSO, I get to go to a play tomorrow with one of my good friends.

Mump and Smoot. Evil, sadistic clowns. Excellent


OH, have a great weekend :)

Oh, it was really really cold and windy while I took these, so I did it quick and therefore they suck....My hand is still numb from the cold

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