Wednesday, October 20, 2010

International wear purple day

Today was "wear purple day" to support homosexuals who have committed suicide because of being discriminated against. I have a lot of friends who are homosexual so of course I support this. I don't understand hating someone based on their sexuality, it doesn't affect others, it is a personal decision and that is all. I would hate on anyone because they were gay, lesbian, etc. I have much better way's to spend my time. And those who use religion as an excuse to spread hate make me sick, I'm no longer a religious person but I know that religion is supposed to be about love and acceptance. There is nothing accepting about being a homophobe, or torturing someone with slander, or even worse hurting someone physically.
Onto a more mundane topic! I had two more midterms this week, and they were hard...I am disheartened, but seeing all the people wearing purple on campus made me smile and feel better about the world. My friends and I in my psychometrics class are doing a test of "fashion sense" so everyone who would like to participate let me know. It will be a questionaire, taking not too long to fill out! AND it's fun :).
I love this dress, it's my favorite right now, the feminine fit, the pretty floral print, the zipper up the front! It just makes me feel good, and I got it for half off. So much better. The print has white, pruple, pink and grey in it so I paired it with my lovely purple tights from H&M, so nice and bright! I was going to toughen it up with my short boots but then decided to wear my studded flats because it just looked right. I'm wearing the most lovely shade of green nail polish as well. I am taking photographs for this council thing tonight so I am off and running to that! Ahhh! Busy!
OH, I really want to change the banner for this blog. Also any feedback on the setup?? Do you like the background??Is it too busy?? THANKS!


  1. I love how romantic and dramatic this look is. It is very pretty. I really like that necklace!

  2. Thank you!! I feel very feminine in this outfit, I liked it. That necklace is my favorite. On my first trip to Vancouver to visit my brother I found it in a thrift store, it's actually a seashell!!


Thank you for the love!