Friday, October 1, 2010

The Wind Cries Mary

So this is what I wore to school today, finally got to break out my oxford booties. And I'm going to a friend's house warming party tonight, so that should be fun. I really like this outfit, it was really nice and sunny today but it was super windy. I'm glad I had my blazer to keep me at a good temperature! I have some midterms and papers ALREADY next week, and spent about 3 hours in the library today. I will be studying a lot this weekend hopefully, but then I have a baby shower on sunday. Busy weekend! Oh, my cousin and a family friend BOTH had babies on wedensday! Congrats to them both. Babies are the best.Taking these photos was interesting, it was sunny, then cloudy, then windy. And then my external flash ran out of batteries......
AND THEN, my laptop was being an asshole. Yeah an asshole. Freezing and being slow and just generally pissing me off
Well I'm off to have an excellent weekend. I would advise you do the same.
Doctors orders: Lots of sleep, lots of studying, lots of friends, some beer, some gym time = a fantastic weekend!

Outfit: dress-urban outfitters, blazer-urban outfitters, tights- H & M, Shoes- Winners


  1. You look very chic and sophisticated. Your photo backdrops are always so lovely as well.

  2. Thank you both so much!! My family has a reallly big backyard so I have fun picking out spots to take these photos in :)

  3. You're so lucky with your backyard...I have to walk like 20 min to my nearest outfit spot!
    You look so cute between all those leaves. And I looove your new booties! Wearing boots again is the best part of fall weather!

    Songs and Fairy Tales

  4. I agree, i always look forward to fall for boots and tights and layering!! Thank you! Im very lucky to have a good yard for this, very convenient


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