Monday, July 5, 2010

Woodland Creature

I had a very good long weekend, I hope everyone else did as well. My weekend was pretty busy and went a little something like this....right after work wedensday I went out with some friends and had a great time at our favourite pub. I had a few beers and got a little silly, which was fun because I havn't drank in sooo long. I spent thursday with my man before he left for a 10 day motorcycle trip through B.C. We went shopping and I got a few good Canada day deals (including this dress I got for $15 when it was normally $40). I then drove up to the lake lot my family has outside of town and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out there. It's really lovely there, you can go fishing, swimming, for a nice long hike or just sit and read a book. Which is really what I needed. My younger brother and I went on a few adventures walking around through the woods and taking our pup. I really wanted to wear my new dress so I threw it on with some flip flops for the walk and went. I will have a few more posts from the weekend!!

outfit: dress->costa blanca, bag-> thrifted, sandles-> Payless

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