Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Working Girl

.....And not in the common "working girl" way. As you can see my job is very glamorous. I wear fluorescent from head to toe, and get mad helmet hair. It pays really really well and I'm only going to be there for another month and a half so I can't really complain. Another sexy added bonus is how hot and sweaty I get.....and that the only part of my body that burns is my nose and chin. So chic. I basically don't wear makeup and wear my hair up everyday and don't shower before work and it's sososo worth it if I can pay for school in the fall (and some new school clothes, gotta have perks right?!). Anyways I've been super exhausted after working 9 hour days, then trying to go to the gym 3 times a week, so thats why theres been no updates, but alas I have a long weekend coming up! Horah! Rest, relaxation, photos! The important things in life? Yes! Anyways more posts soon. Please enjoy me looking sexy in my work outfit. I actually get a lot of honks and waves, apparently this is what men find attractive??!

-Jenna D

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