Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy (late) Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day everyone!! That was July 1st to those of you unaware, also a happy Fourth of July to all the Americans out there. I am a very proud Canadian, I really do love this big beautiful country and a bunch of the wonderful people in it. Of course there are a lot of amazing places all over this world (& I plan on visiting them all) Canada is where I was born and raised. I was very proud that Vancouver was able to host the Olympics this year, it is one of my favourite Canadian cities and it definatly let the world see us!! Anyways here are some photos I took of the fireworks out at my lake this past weekend. I'm sorry for being late! Bad bloggger I know......
ps. the photo quality here isn't the greatest. I shall be uploading them on flickr soon so chchcheck it out www.flickr.com/jennadonovan

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