Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mad as a Hatter

Why am I always a day late? A dollar short? How does the rest of that song go? haha, well I took this photos yesterday after work right before I took my little brother to see Toy Story 3, which was fantastic, funny, and a wonderful end to the franchise! It's always nice to spend some time with my little brother, and when I say little I mean he's 15 (& I'm almost 21) and he is 5 inches taller than I am and outweighs me by a good 70lbs. But he is the baby in the family. We had a really good time!
I have been searching and searching to no avail for a wonderful fabulous hat since May, but this past weekend I finally found it! My boyfriend and I went shopping on thursday and I made it a point that I was going to buy a hat!! I really love it too. With my hair up or my hair down it looks great! As you may have noticed I do not like wearing my hair up. I have ear issues, I think they're ugly (Bryce, my boyfriend thinks they're cute and lovingly refers to me as "dopey" from the seven dwarfs). Anyways I wear my hair up now everyday for work and have some pretty wicked mean hardhat hair, this hat is perfect for covering that up when theres no time to wash and style it. I can't wait to wear this hat alll the time. Also I love this blouse it's feminine and so pretty, I don't own anything else like it either. These shorts were part of my good shopping steal on thursday, I got them for $10!! They fit amazing and are awesome.
Love, JennaDPeek-a-boo you can see my tattoo! It's an Ankh (ancient egyptian symbol for eternal life...I'm obsessed with Ancient Egypt for your information)

outfit: blouse-Army & Navy, Shorts-Costa Blanca, Shoes-Keds, Hat-Urban Outfitters


  1. What a cute little polka dot and a great outfit. Nice one girl!

  2. This is very cute, I love it!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3


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