Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mellow my mind

This outfit is from earlier this week and I honestly can say this dress is one of my favorites. I bought it last summer and it is a nice cotton denim looking fabric. It's strapless but here i put a little tshirt under it. I wear this dress all the time, in the winter with tights and boots and a cardigan or shirt underneath. When it's hot out it's perfect strapless with some wedges or cute flats. I just got the anchor necklace from modcloth and I love it, nautical themed necklaces make me happy! This outfit is really comfortable and I always feel really great in it, it was more expensive than most of my dresses but i've defintly gotten lots of wear out of it. This was just after I had gone on a nice long walk and picked some lilacs from a neighbors flower bush. Lilac's are by far my favorite flower, they smell amazing. That smell always reminds me of being a kid, when it started getting really nice out and going outside. I looove it. I really hope this weather keeps up! I find out when my next surgery is on friday hopefully. AND I should be back to work next week, and working out!! YAY I am quite happy :):)

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  1. Very cute outfit!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3


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