Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello Lover

Hello lover, hello summer

So it's been about 25 degrees C, for the past three days, it feels amazing considering just over a week ago it snowed (Seriously, welcome to Alberta). I have finals right now but I'm still enjoying the sun, I've been taking advantage of our large deck and doing my studying back there. And I must admit I already have a wee bit of a burn on my shoulders! Naughty sun. I even wore my SPF 30. It's because I'm quite fair, I barely even tan, but that's okay. So here are some things I've come across that one NEEDS (some maybe just wants) to get you through the spring/summer season:

Everyone needs a fabulous shirt dress, I lovelovelove this one

Strapless, lovely colours, need I say more

Florals, how I love thee, so perfect for spring and summer

A big fabulous floppy hat, perfect for keeping the sun out of your face

Some sun tan lotion, you HAVE to be skin friendly, protect your skin and it will always look fabulous

Protect those gorgeous baby blues, greens or browns of yours! My choice for eyeprotection is ray bans or aviators, they look great with everything

Hope you are all as excited as I am for the transition to bare legs, sandles, sundresses and long warm summer days!


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