Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had my last day of classes last monday and since then have been studying my brain out of my ears. I had a final yesterday and a final today, one more friday then monday and tuesday. THEN I'M DONE!! Then I will experience freedom and euphoria.....Except that I must start working full time right away to pay for next year. Ahh the life of a student. But really I am very excited to be done for the term, it's been a rough one, I only really truly enjoyed one of my classes out of five. Thankfully it's the most important class I have and I did really well in it. Anyways this is an outfit I wore while studying for 6 hours at a local coffee shop. This sweater is amazing and I love it. Not only is it unbelievably comfortable and light but it's such a pretty colour, how could I say no? It's going to be great for spring/summer nights, I'm already planning outfits in my head for it.

Outfit: Black button down guess tank top, forever 21 jeans, studded shoes, forever 21 pink sweater, white raybans I'm a loon....

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