Monday, February 10, 2014

Cold Hearted

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Hey old man winter, I'm incredibly sick of you and wish you would go away. Do you hear that? You're no longer wanted around these parts so pack your bags and scram. I honestly think it's best if we took a 8 month break from your cold, snow and general misery. But alas, old man winter doesn't really read fashion blogs...
I'm obviously a bit over the weather, and wearing everything I own in order to leave the house feeling semi-warm. This super warm, thick heart print sweater I nabbed from Vickie has been a godsend in order to stay warm, stylish and appropriately appropriate for heart month. In order to get more coverage I paired it with this gorgeous chiffon skirt from American apparel which were layered over a pair of cozy fleece lined leggings. It may be chilly but I refuse to let old man winter break my heart (har-har-har)
 photo maximum4_zps6ac6ec8b.jpg photo maximum2_zpsbe8aa834.jpg  photo maximum3_zps1c650d1c.jpg photo maximum5_zpsf33257b7.jpg  photo maximum1_zpsa62a0f99.jpg
Outfit: Sweater-Via Vickie, Vest-Simons, Necklace-Jcrew, Skirt-American Apparel, Boots-Mjus, Rings-Moon Raven Designs/The Bay


  1. I've got to try wearing a maxi skirt in winter - you make it look so warm and effortless!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. At least that sweater is both cute and warm to keep winter a bit at bay.

  3. Haha can i join you in the heckling of old man winter? i'm so sick of him- yesterday alone i slipped three times on black ice. i'm gonna start sewing knee pads into all my tights. But on a happier note- you still look adorable in all this cold! I love the heart sweater- just in time for valentine's day ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. I just hate winter so much I totally feel you! You look super cute despite the cold temps! keep warm! xx

  5. adorable outfit. I love the sweater. Unfortunately for me, we have not had much winter like weather. While the sun and dry days sound lovely, it's terrible for the environment since we don't have enough water for things we take for granted. UGH. sorry to go on that sidetrack there. But, luckily, we finally had some wet weather this past weekend. I just hope we get some more!


  6. Love how you've made a maxi a wintery item, you look fab!
    And I do hope old man winter is reading this, BE GONE.
    Although to be fair our winters are no where near as bad as yours!


  7. That skirt is gorg!! Love that color on you! And the heart sweater is too perfect :) At least you look amazing while freezing! Haha. I'm sooo done with Winter too!


  8. Do you think there's power in numbers? If so, I'm happy to join the "I hate winter" party. I just CAN'T anymore!!

    You really do look fantastic in the photos. I love the skirt - so much nicer than the horrific maxi I tried on at H&M this weekend.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I'm over winter, too! Honestly, how can it still be happening haha! Cute look though - at least you're making the most of it!


  10. Heart sweater! It's so cute paired with that maroon maxi skirt. I'm loving the denim vest layered over it too. Such a cool touch.


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