Friday, January 3, 2014

Fit Friday: Goals for 2014

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When setting your goals for fitness for the year ahead break it down to be realistic! If you're looking to loose weight it is healthy to loose .25-2 lbs. a week, anything more than that isn't healthful. so keep that in mind when you're coming up with a plan of action and if you want to loose weight in a certain time frame.
Make sure to pick activities you actually enjoy or else you're probably not going to do them. To be fair you may end up enjoying things you at one point that you didn't think you would! So it's a good idea to try things outside you're comfort zone :)
For me I like for my goals to be more general like trying to eat healthier every day, and going to the gym or running a certain amount every week. My goal for this year is to run more, and try new things in regards to exercise! New types of exercise and pushing myself to try things outside my comfort zone. I went to my first bootcamp a couple weeks ago, and it was actually kind of fun which I did not expect!
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  1. your goals are the exact same as mine!!!! I am so sporadic with my running i want to get on a certain schedule to do it more often. Same with eating healthier I have been watching all these youtube videos on healthy recipes to get some ideas lol good luck on your goals hun!!

  2. Loveeee this! And, all SO true <3

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    ox from NYC!

  3. Good luck with all your goals for the year, I wish you the very best. I love the quote about keeping your balance and moving forward. I hope I can think like that more often because it is so true.

  4. It's so tough to stay on track with fitness, but having more general goals really does help.

    How do you stay motivated when it's bitter cold out?? I find that I really struggle to get my fitness in at this time of year when all I feel like doing is hibernating....

    xoxo Jackie
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