Sunday, December 29, 2013

Casual Sunday

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Good Morning my loves!! I hope you all had an absolutely amazing weekend and are enjoying some time off. I am doing my best to get some R n R whilst on my break from school, I'm feeling a bit under the weather but it's awesome to be able to just chill, read and watch movies! 
This is a super casual look today; I feel like my style is definitely leaning more to the casual side of the spectrum for everyday life these days. However, I still like to feel pulled together with pieces I can dress up or down. Having a wardrobe that's incredible versatile with every piece being comfortable really is the dream. And there is something just so perfect and quintessential about plaid or flannel in the winter time that I can't resist. Also, how amazing is this scarf that my friend knit for me for secret santa? Not only is it the perfect colour but it's sooo cozy
 photo casual4_zpsf9df7e2f.jpg photo casual1_zps437abc0b.jpg photo casual2_zpsaf325d94.jpg photo casual3_zpsf5c3d1ac.jpg
Outfit: Plaid-Joe Fresh, Vest-Simons, Scarf-Handmade, Leggings-Winners, Boots-Nine West, Watch-C/O Born Pretty, Rings-Moon Raven Designs, Saraswati designs
 photo mrduke_zps2cc9ebaf.jpg
Mr.Duke even looks super handsome in my new scarf!!


  1. oh i hope you feel better soon!!! your scarf is gorgeous i seriously need to get back into knitting so I can start making beauties like that :)

  2. I love this laid back look. A little tomboy all girlied up with the fabulous accessories.

  3. Mr. Duke looks cute and handsome, as always!

    I love the laid back look. Even though it's casual, you still look super stylish and put together. There's a big difference between nice casual and dressing like you don't care.

    Hopefully you feel better soon!

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. Love that scarf - it looks so cozy (and your pup looks very handsome in it too). Now that the weather's gotten so cold again I really want to stock up on knit scarves and just not take them off.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. that outfit is snazzy! it definitely looks warm! that is a great scarf!

  6. Aw Duke needs a scarf of his own! He looks so dashing! It definitely looks like a super cozy scarf and it's in a great color. I love that it was handmade for you too. I really like this casual outfit of yours. You accessorized it really well and you can't go wrong with plaid!

    1. I agree he does!! He's such a handsome dude :)
      Thank you so much! I'm getting better at this whole casual thing I think


Thank you for the love!