Friday, November 8, 2013

Fit Friday: Focus!

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We all have the tendency to do this, comparing ourselves to others. Whether it's in blogging where we wish we had someone else's wardrobe, or someone's family or friends, or with fitness in regards to someone's skill level of body shape. In every case comparing ourselves to others isn't helpful and is just going to make us feel inadequate.
  For fitness my advice to you is just this:
  •   Focus on yourself; not on your perceived imperfections but on your strengths. Challenge yourself to do things that scare you, that you find difficult. Remember that those things you're really good at now you were once scared of and were bad at.
  • Focus on how you feel, not your weight! Weight is just a number it does not give you an accurate reading of your health. Someone can be 135lbs and have a large amount of fat will look very different from someone who is 135lbs and has a large amount of muscle. Focusing on how you feel and your health is way more beneficial than some number. That post workout adrenaline rush is wonderful and when you feel sore because you did something wonderful for your body.
  • See your body in a new light, not as "the enemy" or in need of drastic change, but as something to be strengthened, enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others! We all have different body types and have different health/personal histories. It isn't fair to yourself to wish you had someone else's body, this mind set will set you up for failure!
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I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy weekend. Next fit Friday, my healthy pita pizza recipe ;)


  1. Love the first quote, so true! And I'm guilty of doing this, too...

    Have a fantastic day,

  2. Yay for Fit Friday!! I love this new feature you're doing. It's perfect for me right now as me and my Hubby are getting back into shape and training for a half marathon!! I love everything you said, it's so hard sometimes not to compare yourself but why waste your time being unhappy with yourself with things you can't change? I say just be the best you you can be!


Thank you for the love!