Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remix: Mustard Maxi

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Hey There lovies!! This past summer marked a bit of a change for me not only personally in that I decided to take my future in a different direction but it took me in a different direction sartorially. This blog has really helped me step outside my comfort zone as well as given me more confidence in my own choices. I feel like my sense of self has really solidified, and I think that's being reflected in my clothing choices.
I had always shied away from maxi skirts/dresses being that I'm 5'2 but I decided to give one a go, as they seemed so effortlessly stylish as well as incredible versatile. That's definitely something I'm paying more attention to with purchases, what's going to get a lot of wear. This mustard coloured maxi skirt from Loft 82 was a match made in heaven, I fell in love with the colour, the soft pleating and the half skirt lining underneath. It's so easy to pair with oxblood, red, black, white and is transitioning perfectly from summer to fall.
 photo maxi1_zps43222256.jpg


  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with this mustard maxi! you pull it off so well!

  2. Love that mustard max skirt! So pretty!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  3. That skirt is one of my favourites - such a great colour and I'm a sucker for pleats.

  4. I have loved every way you've worn this maxi and am glad you embraced it!

  5. LOVE this skirt and all the ways you styled it! xx

  6. Such a pretty skirt- the color is perfect! Alex


  7. totally agree with how much this can be paired with! So awesome!


  8. i'm 5'2" and LOVE maxis and floor-dragging pants!! this maxi is going to be so perfect for fall because of its color and length. would love to see it with tall boots??


    1. Oh I'm totally going to have to wear it with tall boots now, great idea :)

  9. I'm 5'1" and honestly, it's other short bloggers rocking the maxi skirt that gave me the confidence to try one on.

    You've definitely got your money's worth and then some with this one!

    It's amazing how much power blogging has on our sense of self. I've been blogging a much shorter time than you and already see it impacting my sense of style and sense of self. It's such a great feeling that only bloggers understand!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. It's really such a great tool to help express ourselves!! Thank you so much :)


Thank you for the love!