Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Slang

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Good Morning loves, how crazy is it that it's already October?! September seemed to fly by, but I'm pretty excited for October. I love Halloween and seeing the pumpkins at the grocery store gets my heart all twitterpated. It's a pretty lovely time of year with the leaves all changing colours, although it's gotten pretty crisp here lately, there was frost on my vehicle this morning! It better not snow....
This baseball tee dress is such a great piece for the chillier weather we're experiencing. I've definitely been digging pieces that are more minimalist and easier to mix lately. My fall wardrobe is essentially all grey, black, burgundy, khaki and red, which is a nice change of pace after the amount of neons and brights I traipsed around in all summer. This dress is super comfortable and is easy to dress up with some funky tights, layered necklaces and red lipstick.
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  1. A simple grey dress seems like such a basic because it can be the foundation of so many looks!

  2. I am so happy it's October - my favorite month of the year! I spent the weekend working on my Halloween costume (I live for Halloween). And I seriously love everything about this outfit - it's pretty damn near perfect!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. cute dress, it looks so comfy! and I'm really hoping it doesn't snow. I'm just not used to it being SO cold so early! It's currently 22 back home.. so depressing haha. <3

  4. adore this baseball dress! And yes, October just breezed on in. Where did it come from? #notready


  5. You used the word twitterpated! Love :) Speaking of love, this dress... it's the perfect combination of black and gray and just general fall awesomeness. I can't believe it's October already, but the rain outside my window as I type this is definitely reminding me that it is. Here's hoping we'll have a nicer autumn in the coming weeks!

  6. This dress is the cutest — I love it on you oh so much! And your hair is looking really good these days... Cutie pie! xx

  7. I'm digging your baseball dress and I can't believe it's October either!

  8. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I can totally see why you love this dress, it looks so great and comfy at the same time!

    Have a great day,

  9. Ah - a baseball tee dress!!! Genius. I'm all about these comfy kind of dresses at the moment and this one is so darn cute. I can hardly believe Oct. is already here...where has 2013 gone? I'm with you though - bring on the pumpkins and all that other halloween themed stuff :-)

  10. I love the baseball tee trend- it's fun to see it in dress form! Happy October!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog about how you get that awesome red in your hair!

    I'm really loving that the baseball tee is coming back so strongly this year, but this is the first I've seen in dress form. I'm loving it!!!

    xoxo Jackie

  12. I love that dress! I've never seen a baseball tee dress before, and it's wonderful!! And the tights are perfect. :)

    xox Sammi

  13. I hear you! I'm all about neutrals these days which is such a departure from my usual colour obsession! Love that dress on you, so cute!

    Alex xo

  14. You hair looks amazing in these. Did you do something new that I missed? Also, I have a baseball tee almost exactly like that, and now I'm thinking I need to pair it with a skirt, something I never thought of for some reason. Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo Ashley

  15. This entire look is perfect! Your dress is adorableee and unless I'm missing where you posted it, where's it from?! Adore those tights too. Patterned/textured tights are totally on my wish list for the fall. Happy Thursday to you!

    perfectly priya

  16. So this dress is the coolest and looks like it wade for you. I feel like it perfectly sums up your sweet + tough style. Also, the polka dot tights and neon necklace are swoon-worthy!

  17. This dress is great and your hair looks perfect. Plus I love the title!

    1. Thanks :D I've been binging on the shins all week long!!

  18. how fun is this dress?? i love baseball tees, but have never seen it in a dress version! amazing!! i wish we had the changing of seasons here...i would love to see all the leaves turn color...sigh.


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