Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Toned

 photo fall3_zps503a21de.jpg
Good Morning loves, I hope your week is moving along. I can't believe it's only Wednesday, I feel like I've had a whole weeks worth of things going on in the past two days. I guess that's the student life again.
It hasn't really felt like fall around here, except for last Saturday when the temperatures dropped and it was rainy. I was actually excited because it meant I could finally bust out my new leather jacket. I've had my eye on this baby for a while but it had been too sweltering to even think of wearing a jacket. I couldn't resist the fact that it's two toned! I am really digging the combination of grey, burgundy and black for fall, and I bet you'll be seeing more of it around here.
 photo fall5_zpsf3540854.jpg photo fall2_zpsda53185f.jpg  photo fall_zpsb47e6bca.jpg  photo 22_zps37e514f9.jpg photo fall6_zps3fe36474.jpg  photo 2_zps39ce9b27.jpg
Outfit: Dress-Loft 82, Jacket-H&M, Belt-Gap, Purse-U.O, Shoes-Payless, Necklace-The Weekend Society


  1. Love this jacket and dress combo - so perfect for fall!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Seeing the black and brown of the outfit, I was thinking it looked very fall-ish. Then I noticed the leaves on the ground. I love this look though no matter the time of year!

  3. Oh I am totally crushing on this whole outfit,the jacket and dress look amazing together!! Xx

  4. I'm digging this color combination too! LOVE it.

  5. You are one hot tamale, did you know that? ;)

  6. I love this jacket so much! It looks awesome on you. I'm definitely looking forward to breaking out my jackets. I just bought a burgundy one really similar to yours but I'm waiting for it to get cool enough to tolerate wearing it.

  7. That is a fantastic jacket! I absolutely love it. You have the perfect edgy style, I wish I could be you for like a day and rock the awesome hair and leather jackets like you, haha :) I feel like this week has been busy too!

  8. Totally loving this jacket. It's such a great statement piece!

    Xo, Hannah


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