Thursday, July 18, 2013

Remix: My obsession

The Bright Neon Bag
Steve Madden via Winners
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 There loves, if you couldn't tell before this post you certainly will be aware now that this visually offensive, bright neon yellow bag is my obsession. Ironically enough before purchasing this purse I wasn't really feeling the whole neon thing. But one especially depressing and snowy day I meandered into Winners and my eyes were immediately drawn to this neon beauty. My mood was instantly lifted and I knew this purse was meant to be in my wardrobe and for the past 3-4 months it has added the perfect pop to any outfit. It pairs perfectly with neutrals and other brights, transitioning through the seasons from 3 feet of snow to 3 feet of grass. And if you're sick of seeing it I must apologize, it's going to stick around burning your cornea's 


  1. this is BY FAR my most favorite bag, ever. and it's so cool to see it worn in all these different outfits all together- especially since it makes everything pop so well :D i'm trying my hardest not to buy that exact copy right nah

    xo marlen
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  2. Such a great bag and I don't think it's visually offensive, I think it's visually stimulating ; )

  3. oh that's funny. it's too bright and sunny here so i'd never think of that but tot. make sense. so funny you say it's "visually offensive." Fun to see all your diff looks from the seasons w/ that bag, really ads a fun touch to it and I love how you make it not visually offensive by using it w/ more neutral outfits.
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  4. Ha- so that how you got into neon, huh?

  5. I love that something so bright can pair so perfectly with everything! You have a flawless eye from fun, bright colors and it certainly shows here! I especially love how it brightens up a look in the winter :)

  6. Visually offensive? I don't think so. I love your neon bag. In fact, I don't think I added enough Os to truly convey that - I loooooooove it. It's not something I'd neccessarily wear myself because I tend to get caught up thinking that bright things are less versatile that neutrals... you've clearly proven me completely wrong!

  7. Hey girl! So I haven't fully bought into the neon trend because I figured a brown/black bag would go best with everything, but holy cow, this purse totally works!! I'm amazed that it adds a little spunk and color to all your outfits. I love especially that cozy one in the snow, the neon really pops! Maybe I will have to make an investment...have a great weekend!

    perfectly priya


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