Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best of the week

 photo sunday4_zps487acf6b.jpg
Best of the Week:
Getting to go to my oldest friends brother's wedding; Being in the newspaper in the style section; Mr. Duke's stinkeye is really amusing; Taste of Edmonton with my two best friends; Tasty summer beers; Homemade pita pizza and Boccioni salad; Intense workouts; My shin splints getting a bit better; Trying some delicious Vegan cuisine, I do eat meat but it's nice to try different things; Cute new dresses; Sitting on the deck with a good book;
 photo sunday7_zps2ca9439f.jpg  photo sunday10_zps50c57860.jpg photo sunday1_zps2667520e.jpg photo sunday3_zpsf5f30218.jpg photo sunday2_zpse050fa5f.jpg  photo sunday5_zpsd6eabc5f.jpg photo best2_zps53fc9058.jpg photo sunday9_zps5746b0ec.jpg photo sunday_zpsa26b3623.jpg


  1. Lovely pictures and that puppy is too cute!
    Have a fabulous time!


  2. A week full of meeting friends and spending time with Duke - sounds and looks like great fun! :)

  3. some really lovely photos :) sounds like a splendid week!xx

  4. Awww Mr.Duke is soo handsome even when he is giving you the stink eye! I get that look from Gnarly all the time when I wake him for anything other than food.

    Robyn xo

  5. You had a fab week, didn't you :)


Thank you for the love!