Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Of Blogging Bloopers

Hey Loves, as many of you know from experience, fashion blogging is not always glamorous and can lead to some pretty ridiculous outtakes. I absolutely love seeing other bloggers goofy, silly and amusing photos, so I rounded up a few of mine to share with you. I have the tendency to be ridiculously animated when I talk, I dance like a fool to make people smile and I throw my head back and cackle when I laugh, so sometimes I am hilariously unphotogenic. I hope you enjoy these photos of me looking like a fool on april fools ;)
 photo bloop5_zps3d80be54.jpg photo bloop3_zps1c9df37c.jpg
I'm really bad at using pockets guys
 photo bloop2_zps064b586e.jpg photo bloop1_zpsf4698463.jpg photo bloop_zps521c6c28.jpg
I like to gesture wildly
 photo bloop4_zpsa1594dbe.jpg photo bloop2_zps6a9a8e95.jpg photo bloop3_zps99c567ad.jpg photo bloop_zpse01bbad5.jpg  photo bloop4_zps6f3a32bc.jpg
This is the face of someone extremely hungover, trying to be pretty
 photo bloop1_zps2f015539.jpg
Half of my photos end up with me "Aggressively Smiling"


  1. HAHAHA I've always wanted to do one of these because they are SO hilarious. Usually mine are me making a bitchy face or a hilarious zoolander face by accident. LOVE this!

  2. ohh this is a cute April Fool's post. You look so adorable Jenna! Trust me, I have worse Blogger Bloopers that yours, haha. love it!

    xo, Carla

  3. Haha, very cute! I've found that since I started taking pics with a remote and the articulating view screen I don't have funny bloopers anymore! A mixed blessing perhaps. ;p

  4. haha i love your 'aggressive smile', it's adorable! Lovely photos :)

    Hannah xx

  5. Ha! I think I have a major girl crush on you after this. SO fucking funny. :)

    xo Ashley

  6. love love love the one of you laughing with the heart balloons, so cute! I love the blooper post idea, I have some really hideously good ones!
    xo Hannah

  7. You are the cutest. The peace sign giant smile photo is my fave

  8. HAHA! I love this! I always have crazy photos of myself adjusting my clothing. Your bloopers are the cutest because you just have an infectious smile :)

  9. AHAHAH these are amazing and hilarious! You still look cute as a button.

  10. even your bloopers are cute!! lol.
    my bloopers usually consist of me
    with my eyes closed, half of my body
    is out of the frame, hair is in my
    face, or it's blurry haha.

  11. Oh, I love seeing these kinds of posts... I usually take smoething like seventy photos to end up with six good ones for a post, and the rest have me doing things like smiling aggressively (I'm obviously not the only one!), sticking my tongue out or blinking. So not glamourous... but we do make it look that way most of the time :)

  12. i love seeing these, too! thank you for sharing them, lol!! unfortunately, for me, there are usually more bloopers than keepers!!

  13. Love it!!! The one with you laughing super hard is perfect! I'm always a fan of more true-to-life goofy pics because they are more fun and real.

  14. I love this post so much! Bloopers are the best things ever. The one of you laughing is my favorite. I have some ridiculous ones of me laughing whenever my sister takes my pictures.


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