Thursday, March 21, 2013


Denim Button-Up: Second Hand 
 photo 6b4e8110-22b6-4a7a-92bc-8af77bb99b66_zps20bced34.jpg
Hey there my loves! Another remix post coming at ya, and this is something I think that every lady, man, and child needs in their wardrobe. A basic denim button up, because honestly it goes with EVERYTHING. I've worn it many more times then the ones above and honestly have to keep myself from posting it with basically every skirt i own. And pants too. There's something classic about a simple denim button up and I was thrilled when I added this one to my wardrobe back in September. It's definitely something that you will be seeing more of ;)


  1. Oh, I know-isn't a blouse like this just crucial? I had been trying to thrift one for months and finally just bit the bullet and bought one because I really think it's an essential piece. As you said it goes with everything! That look with the black lacy skirt is my favorite! So very pretty :)

  2. This is giving me so many ideas for my denim blouse! I cannot wait to just use it to layer under sweaters, which I feel like I have been doing for months and monthssss. I espeically love the first photo, but they're all adorab;e! Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

  3. Lucky you thrifting this top! I searched at thrift stores to no avail before breaking down and buying a couple elsewhere. I totally agree that EVERYONE needs a denim shirt. It can be paired with everything and worn so many different ways! And it'll be the perfect piece for Spring :) I love all the ways you've remixed it, especially with the different skirts. All of them are SO cute!

  4. I totally agree! A denim shirt/chambray shirt is a total must nowadays. I am even shocked at myself for how much of a staple it has become in my wardrobe! =)

  5. Ah yes, the classic denim button-up! It's key! I love it with the faux fur collar and gray scarf!

  6. I've been looking for a good denim shirt for ages and this just adds to my desire to get one. You look so great in all these shots, Jenna!

  7. You definitely know how to style a chambray :) this is cute!

    xo Ashley

  8. I need to get me one of these now!!!! I love them, yet I can't find one that isn't too loose in the waist and too tight in the chest

    1. I don't even have much in the boob department but I always have that problem too! It's tough finding the perfect one, i got super lucky


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