Friday, March 22, 2013

Blush on Blush

 photo blush_zpsadbe4694.jpg
Hey there and greetings from Edmonton, where we are currently under a shit ton of snow, and that IS an accurate measurement I assure you. Of course all this happened yesterday...on my day I got to shovel it! Whooo! Anyways, it's just a matter of time before old man winter goes away for good. I am SO excited to go to Vancouver next week.
These pictures evidently were taken before the massive of dump of snow yesterday, but as you can see we still had a significant amount of snow. I decided to be proactive and usher in the first day of "spring" wearing pastels. I am obsessed with blush and red together at the moment. I decided to "double dip" with the blush wearing a polka dot dress in the light pastel shade along with my faux leather jacket. I really liked the way it turned out with the black accessories and bright red lip/hair.  photo blush4_zps0758f7e3.jpg photo blush1_zps538075e5.jpg photo blush3_zps93f7ae24.jpg photo blush2_zpsf3bf5b6e.jpg
Outfit: Dress-H&M, Leather jacket-F21, Belt-Thrift, Boots-Nine West, Ring-The Bay, Bracelets-The bay


  1. that is indeed a lot of snow! someday though i wanna be able to experience that weather that you are experincing!
    always looking pretty and fab Jenna!

    xo, carla

  2. The snow seriously just about killed me yesterday - sooo brutal. You're so lucky to be getting out of here. Also, I've said this before, but I am such a fan of that jacket. So cute.

    Courtney ~

  3. Love the pink on pink! That blizzard yesterday made me really angry. I want to come to Vancouver with you!

  4. The blush and polka dot together make such a good combination!

  5. You look so incredibly pretty here! I mean, you always look pretty but this makeup is just gorgeous! This jacket always makes me jealous. It looks perfect with your adorable dotted dress.

  6. Adorable! I love the color combination. The dress is so cute!

  7. ohhhhhh i just loveeeeee your jacket the colour is seriously gorgeous!!

  8. LOVE this! That jacket is so darling! xo

  9. Love this jacket every time! We're about to get that shit ton of snow tomorrow :( Ugh. Isn't it spring?!

    xo Ashley

  10. I hope it stops snowing soon! At least you look gorgeous, I seriously can't get enough of that pink jacket!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Sorry about all the snow! We didn't seem to get as much here as we usually do in the winter. I love those boots so much! What a fun length. You always look so good in blush. I suspect it's your lovely dark hair and creamy complexion!

  12. the blush look so pretty against the snow! love the jacket!!

    mobile morsels


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