Friday, March 8, 2013


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Good Morning Darrrrlings (read as "dawwwling" with a tacky british accent). It's friday & it couldn't come soon enough. This sickness kicked my ass this week, and i am not a pleasant sick person. I am a wee bit whiny and want to be waited on hand and foot, fortunately only Duke was around and he loves me irregardless of my whining. Anyway's now that I no longer feel like I'm dying I'm looking forward to a low key weekend.
So remember that time, maybe a week ago when I finished heart month and was excited to wear colours other then red? Yeah that sure lasted long! I can't help it, red's my colour! Even my bedroom is painted a deliciously devilish shade of crimson. That sure was an evil description of wall paint...Moving on, this blazer I got off a few weeks ago is quickly making its way up the ranks to a "go-to" item. I love the beige leather details along the pockets and that I can cross it over and the fact that it's cropped. This 5'2 frame needs things that are short and cropped!
PS. I have an interview featured over at petite adventures
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Outift: Dress-F21, Jacket-Tobi, Tights-Joe Fresh, Boots-Payless, Watch-Fossil, Braclets-The bay


  1. take care of yourself Jenna.. hope you
    re feeling a lot better now. Have a great weekend!

    p.s. looking pretty as always, and that dress!

  2. I'm going to go try and find this blazer and steal your style maybe, sorry, but I LOVE THIS! And yes - us shorties need cropped things! It's such a cute blazer, and it's true, red is your color!

  3. Hi,Free is good, right! No, let correct myself, free is Very Good!!! Is time for another GIVEAWAY. This time is a classic minaudière, very chic can end up in your hands. What you have to do?

  4. Well, red is a lovely color for you for sure!

  5. Red suits you oh so well!

    Have the best weekend,

  6. Love this look, Jenna! You look hot! Red is definitely your color.

  7. I think the red is such a perfect shade! I love the fit on you as well!

  8. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better -- and how awesome do you look in red? Not to mention the great cropped blazer...

    Courtney ~

  9. Hi sweetie, your red dress is absolutely wonderful. I love it your outfit.
    Btw sweetie now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


  10. red looks fabulous on you! major hottie status!


  11. You look so great in a blazer. You and structured shoulders are a match made in heaven

    xo Ashley

  12. Great look - love the cropped blazer!

    Have a great weekend!
    Kate xo

  13. girrrrrl. you've got it going onnn.

  14. Hey you have beautiful blog!
    Maybe you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc? check my blog and let me know! i would love it!

  15. Love love love it! You were obviously made to wear red. I love the tights too. Right now it's teetering on tights/bare leg weather and I'm not toned enough for the latter haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. I love cropped jackets too. And cropped sweaters... they all tend to hit me where a top actually should hit. So I love your new coat! It looks awesome with your pretty red dress. These boots look great on you too.
    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  17. I love love LOVE your hair and style! Great blog :D

  18. Wow girly, there's always so much dimension and great detail in your ensembles. The detail on that jacket is fantastic and the cut is just perfect on you. I love red also, it's such a confident, bright color!

  19. Ha ha, you took a break from red for one post, I think that counts :) Seriously, though - why take a break from something when it works for you? And you're right, red is totally your colour. I love the subtle pleating and print on your dress. Glad to hear you're on the mend, hope you had a relaxing weekend :)

  20. oh, what fabulous style shots .. love your images and blog!

    xo Cam


  21. 1- my post today has the same title! Haha.
    2- I swear your nails are ALWAYS ADORABLE!!
    3- I love the pleats on this dress
    4- THIS BLAZER. Gorgeous! I want one!

  22. love the details on that jacket...and RED should be your color. like i always say, it accentuates your hair!
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