Monday, February 11, 2013

We'll Make Time

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Good Monday Morning lovelies, I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Mine was nice and laidback, Warm Bodies was hilarious! I mostly worked, met up with friends and chilled with the Duke. It's been pretty hard to be getting photos done around here, either I have to set up my tripod and do it myself right before work (boo) or I only have about 15 mins to get some done because my little brother has a life. Damn him for having a life outside being my photographer! Haha
So, my dad had to take these photos, and I love my father but he is the world's most annoying outfit photographer. He walks towards me taking photos nonstop, half are blurry and half were too dark, so I apologize for the photo quality around here as of late!!
On to this outfit, I picked up this pretty dress when I was shopping with one of my friends after work saturday evening. I have been super uninspired lately and haven't been really loving my wardrobe, but I was able to find some pieces to add some spice into the mix. This dress is an instant favourite, I honestly want to wear it all the time, it's so comfortable, flattering and I can't say no to an open back! Plus it's red! Yay, appropriate for Heart and Stroke month! Just a reminder to donate here
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Outfit: Dress-F21, Blazer-U.O., Tights-Joe Fresh, Shoes-Necessary, Necklace-Gift, Belt-American Eagle (gift), Ring-Gift, Bracelets-The Bay


  1. This dress is amazing! I love the pleats and the low-cut back.
    I think your dad did a pretty good job of these photos, too :)

    xo Raquel
    Sassy + Bubbly

  2. That's a really cute dress - I love the fit of the top half. And I think your photo quality is still pretty damn good!

    Courtney ~

  3. I'm absolutely in love with the pattern on this dress, so cute! You look gorgeous xo

  4. that is a super cute dress!!

  5. Great dress! I love the pleats on the skirt


  6. loveee the cut of this dress! and red is definitely your color girl!


  7. aww that's cute, he did a good job! My Dad is funny with photos too, he gets really into it! Love that red dress! And your hair looks great! And is that a Batman ring?!
    <3 Kastles

    1. Thank you!! I guess I shouldn't be too hard on the old guy.
      And yes it's a bat ring!!!

  8. Love the dress and how you belted it and added a blazer! Your Dad did a good job, tell him I said that ; ).

  9. The print on the dress is SO pretty and you're right, it's super flattering :)

    xo Ashley

  10. He did a lot better than anyone in my family ever has actually! Still, it's hard to have family do outfit photos I think. and I love the dress - the back is so so so pretty on you!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  11. Beautiful dress!! The back of it is stunning. I am also loving those tights hehe xo

  12. Gorgeous dress. I love the open back!

    And can I just say I love your hair?!?


  13. I love the dress, very pretty print! Also, you made me laugh with the story about your dad. My dad is a nature photographer so you would think he would be a great person to help with outfit pics but no, he is super annoying as well! He'll take one picture and be like "K, done" and I'm all "No no no, you need to take more in case I'm making a funny face or the lighting is wrong, and could you actually frame me in the center please..." and then he takes one more and is all "K, done." Haha. Dads.

  14. Just found your blog from Petite Panoply and I absolutely love your style!

  15. adorable look. And I think it's so sweet your dad was the photographer...despite the photography skills. haha

  16. This dress is gorgeous on you! I love the print, the pleats, and that beautiful open back! That's so funny that your dad isn't the best photographer :) I've become so used to my hubby taking all my blog pics that im uncomfortable with anyone else taking them haha.
    Oh thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! You're too nice, totally made my day!

  17. very cute...i love the tiny pleats!! red is definitely your color. you always find the best pieces that suit your style :)

  18. ha your dad's photobombing blog shoot sounds so funny! how pretty does snow make all blogger pictures look, even tho its a bit of a freezing nightmare in reality! such a gorgeous back on that dress xox

  19. lovely!!! I adore your smile. it looks really genuine :)


  20. So cute that your dad and brother help with photos! Love the deep v in the back of this dress
    xo Cara

  21. Such a cute dress! The colour is fabulous!

    Kate xo


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