Friday, November 30, 2012

Ghost Man on Third

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you!! I hope your weekend is looking good, mine should be, I'm going to try to relax and hang out. ALSO, my little brother is turning 18!! I can barely believe it, it freaks me out and makes me feel old. It feels like just yesterday I was crying at the hospital because I didn't want another brother...Haha, I grew to love him obviously.

 I wore this outfit to work, I bought the lace dress while I was out in Vancouver, I must say I fell in love with the colour of it! I feel like I have a bit of a lace dress obsession, I think this is like my 5th or 6th, they're all in different colours though!! There's just something about a lace dress. I decided to pair it with my cropped blazer and fur stole because it's been chilly. Another obsession of mine right now is this leaf pendant I picked up at the Granville Island Market, it's such a gorgeous piece, and somewhat heart shaped. 
Outfit: Dress-F21, Blazer-U.O, Tights-Simons, Boots-MJUS via Auvigne and Jones, Ring/bracelets-The  Bay, Necklace-Granville market


  1. cutie! I need to wear dresses more haha

  2. This is absolutely fab, honey!

    Happy weekend!


  3. I love the colour of that dress - and the lace is super pretty on you.

    Courtney ~

    P.S. Looking forward to lunch today

  4. How darling! Love your fur collar and polka dot tights.

  5. Gorgeous lace dress, love the polka dot tights, but what I love most is the fur stole you've used to pull this look together. LOVE it.

    Keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.


  6. Lovely outfit! I'm in love with that deep teal colour right now, it's stunning!

  7. Hahah crying at the hospital- that made me laugh. My brother just turned 16 and i feel *exactly* the same way. Like how is he allowed to drive now, he just got out of diapers! Scary.

    And girl, I am LOVING the fur stole on you. It makes all your outfits so glamorous.

  8. Yay! Happy birthday to your lil bro! I'm the youngest of three by FAR so I've never had that feeling. I really love this outfit - your fur wrap is just the best and I want one just like it. And you rock boots like no one else I know

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  9. You look so pretty!! I LOVE your tights, & that dress is so lovely. Happy Birthday to your little brother!!

  10. Love this outfit! I feel like as a floridian I would be freezing my tail off :) It's great that you can look so amazing while in the cold!

  11. You are too funny! I have two brothers, one 6 years younger and the other 8 years younger. I remember when my first brother was born I was so bummed because my sister and I were going to lose our playroom! I felt the exact same way :). I love that dress, you really know how to spot a gem at Forever 21. Oh, and I'm still obsessed with those boots <3



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. Haha that's so funny!! It's really amusing to see how kids react to a new sibling!
      Thank you!! I am obsessed with them too

  12. Oh my gosh, that blazer is such a gorgeous piece! I adore it over the lace dress Jenna - which is stunning in itself! You're right, there really is just something about lace :)

    Gotta laugh - my lil sis just got married and I was having the exact same feelings! Does that make me an old hag now?...haha. Happy weekend darling gal! xo Marisa

  13. I'm super loving this fur collar! Absolutely glam and just so lux. It really adds the beautiful touch to your outfit :)

    <3 Cambria

    Check out my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  14. cute outfit! such a pretty colour of dress. =)

  15. This outfit is lovely, that dress looks fantastic on you, I love the colour! And happy birthday to your brother, I think I reacted in a similar way to my own brothers birth, I was quite a jealous older sister and used to climb into his crib so I could be the baby again xo

  16. Such a beautiful colour, love that dress!
    xo Cara


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